2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS Will be Available with a Hybrid Powertrain

Development of the second generation Mercedes-Benz CLS is well underway as the production model is set be unveiled during a major car show in late 2011 with sales following in early 2011. According to our sources, a hybrid version of the new CLS will definitely be offered. It will get the same powertrain as the forthcoming S400 Hybrid that will be launched at the end of 2009, which means that the CLS Hybrid will make use of lithium-ion batteries that not only weigh less but also offer more power than the nickel hydride units used in today’s hybrids.

In terms of styling, as the rendering that we found on French car magazine Autoplus reveals, Mercedes-Benz’ 4door-coupe model will retain the basic shape of the current generation model adorned with styling elements from the German automaker’s newest cars. -One more pic after the jump

Pics via: Autoplus