Renntech Mercedes SLR McLaren 722 PKG2 with 740Hp

Renntech is updating its offerings with the introduction of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 PKG2. Compared to last year’s PKG1 that boosted the standard SLR 722’s output from 650Hp to 722Hp, the PKG2 adds a less restrictive, motorsports-style exhaust system and re-mapped ECU software resulting to over 740Hp at 6400 rpm. Moreover, Renntech now offers its Signature 10 spoke wheels in SLR offsets and 3 finishes (chrome, satin-ceramic, and sniper gray). -Continued

Pricing for Renntech’s SLR performance upgrades are set at $12,990 for the base PKG1 and $26,990 for the PKG2 while the 20-inch alloy rims will cost you an extra $7,800.