Porsche Customers Say “Nein” to Start-Stop Technology

While Porsche fans welcome technologies like direct injection and dual-clutch gearboxes that help improve among other things, the new 911 Carrera’s green credentials, they don’t seem as keen when it comes to other systems like “Start-and-Stop”. Talking with Porsche engineers at the press launch of the 2009 911, Car Magazine learned that while a Start-Stop system was considered for the facelifted model, the sports carmaker’s clientele put a brake on the use of such a system. -Continued

The company’s engineers told Car that if they had fitted the facelifted 911 with a BMW-style start-stop system it would have reduced a further 10g/km from the Carrera’s 225g/km CO2 emissions. Apparently, Porsche fans will take all the green technology the German sports carmaker can offer them as long it also improves performance and/or dynamics.

Link: Car