Ford Fiesta ECOnetic with 64 MPG or 3.7 lt/100 km Coming to London Show

Ford has chosen next month’s London Motor Show to unveil the 2009 Fiesta ECOnetic, according to a report from Brit car magazine, Autocar. Equipped with a 1.4-liter turbodiesel engine, the ultra efficient version of the Fiesta ECOnetic is slated to deliver an average fuel consumption of consumption of 64.2 MPG (U.S) or 3.7 liters/100 km – corresponding to an average CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km.

To achieve these results and apart from the ultra efficient diesel engine, Ford’s engineers reduced drive resistances by using special tires and improved aerodynamics by lowering the vehicle and adding an aerodynamics kit. It is also expected that the Fiesta ECOnetic will feature a revised manual gearbox. (The Fiesta pictured above is not the ECOnetic version)